My Precious Queen Finalists…

By | August 9, 2018

What an exciting journey this past year has been during the My Precious Queen Contest! The last 6 finalists were selected Saturday in the semi final. Congrats to Mely Gibbs, who received the most votes from the public and won the Best Styling of Royal Princess (Jul – Nov).

Here are her winning pictures which will be published in the coming AVENUE magazine.

It was a very challenging contest for all of the semi finalists, but they all did an amazing job and showed how good they were with styling and poise. Here are the semi finalists.

On the left:
(July-Nov) Natasja Schumann, Imani Enzo, Jamee Sandalwood, Mely Gibbs, Jade Spectre, Genevieve Kamala

On the right:
(Jan-June) Xandrah Sciavo, Serene Faith, Pure Nikoladis, Ladykath Avon, Cieleste Magic, Enchanteddreams Bebb.

For more pictures: