Jewelry: How To Make Paparazzi Jewelry Necklaces

By | February 20, 2019

Handmade necklaces are ideal jewelry items to wear with light summer dresses. And one can make an entire line of attractive necklaces right from home. All one needs are some different types of unfinished wooden beads (of varying shapes, and sizes), leather chords or nylon or lanyard strings, or (for braided necklaces) some silk or other fabric material. In this article, we will describe how you can make (1) dyed wooden beads handmade necklace, and (2) Dupioni silk braided handmade necklace. From this, you can have a fairly good idea of how you can make a variety of innovative handmade necklaces from home.

Wooden Beads Necklaces

The basic materials for these items are unfinished wooden beads, different powder dye colors, leather strings, and floral wire for submerging the beads in the dye. The beads should typically be ?-1? in diameter and can be bought in bulk at easy prices. The dyed beads give a weathered look to the necklaces and make them perfect accessories for summer wears. The necklaces can be worn solo or in bunches for effect. For dyeing purposes, use Denim Blue, Evening Blue, Teal, Taupe and Yellow powder dye colors. The beads should be submerged into the dye mixture for 2-6 minutes (till the desired color is achieved) and then left to dry on a paper towel. Once the beads are dry, use 2mm round leather chord to string the beads.

Dupioni Silk Braided Necklace

Dupioni silk makes for beautiful lustrous necklaces. All you need to do is rip the fabric into strips and braid them together to the desired length and then knot the ends to form a loop and your handmade braided necklace is ready for use. Start with ripping the fabric into 1? wide strips. Then knot the ends of three strips and start braiding. When you reach the end, handstitch additional Dupioni silk fabric strips onto the first three and continue braiding until you reach the desired length. Just like the beads necklaces, these braided necklaces can be worn as the solo jewelry piece or you can pile them on.

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