Appreciation Month :)

By | May 13, 2018

Last week kicked off the very first customer appreciation month for the House of London. For those who do not know, the House of London is a combination of different brands like Pink Outfitters, Fresh Fx, Cherry, Sugar & Spice, Billy Zero, Chinese Takeout, Pish Posh and The Shore Shack. As a way to say thanks to all the customers for all of their support, London Dailey decided to do a whole month full of customer appreciation in the form of games and prizes. Every week she gives out a customer appreciation gift to those in her regular group or her subscribe-o-matic group. I just happened to come across the store Pink Outfitters not too long ago and discovered there is a lot of awesome creations going on there. Clothes that I would wear in RL and in SL. I also checked out some of the other stores on the Sim. I ended getting something from almost all of them LOL. Because I liked the Sim so much and thought it was so nice what London was doing, I decided to do this post. This post is to show my appreciation for what she is doing. I know I love free stuff, and I am so not alone on this one. I see how people get so involved with those grid wide hunts. I am one of them. I just want to say I appreciate it when people do something extra for their customers. Like vendors with hunts and like London with her customer appreciation month. So thank you 🙂 One month of goodies and fun! Who could pass that one up. Last week’s gift was a Trapeze Artist body suit which comes in two colors, light pink and brassy. This body suit is perfect for a day at the beach with your friends watching the waves crashing in. You could even wear the top with a pair of jeans for a different look, if you want to switch it up. This weeks gift was the “All I Got” Graphic T-shirt. The t-shirt says ” I went to Chinese Takeout and all I got was this t-shirt”. There is a white tee that was apart of the gift that says “Pink Outfitters” instead of “Chinese Takeout”. The tees are only available until June 15th, so if you like what you see join the “Pink Outfitters” update group and get yours.