Elevator Girl…

By | April 15, 2018

I was SIM hopping yesterday, looking for some new clothing shops. It was my lucky day because I found some of the cutest stores! Tee*fy was one of the stores I discovered and I am glad that I did. Everything was neatly organized and easy to find.I had a hard time trying to decide what to buy LOL. After I tp’d my reinforcements (aka my sister, LOL) in to help me pick, we decided on these two lovely dresses; Splash-ed Onion and Paito. Rather your looking for something to wear to a party, job, or just like to dress up because you can, either of these dresses are great options.

Splash-ed Onion is my favorite out of the two. It has a classic and exquisite design that makes it easy to fall in love with. You can be creative when dressing up with it or not add anything to it all. I found this gorgeous SkinTight Skin with Red eye makeup over the left eye in my inventory that I think looks neat against the black and white of the dress. Because I love pearls so much I had to add these funky pearls with feathers necklace. I was looking for an updo hairstyle and saw this super adorable one at W&Y that is shaped like a big bow at the top. How cute and is that? A sexy pair of black Armidi wedges completes the look of this outfit.

The Paito dress I am wearing in the pic above is in one of my all time favorite colors..a deep red that is to die for. Paito is a perfectly fitted dress dress that hugs your shape in all the right places. Don’t be fooled by its seemingly simple design. The added ruffles to the shoulders and waist give it an added does of spunky personality. Impress your date and turn heads while wearing Paito. I did not think that Paito needed much to go with it, so all I added were a few pieces. A pair of mega black pearl earrings ( Can’t stay far away from the pearls LOL), an awesome caged dove ring, and a cute pair of black ankle boots.

Check out Tee*fy and do a little shopping there this weekend. The quality is great and the prices reasonable. I hope you see something you love as I did. Happy Shopping 🙂