By | June 24, 2018

Weather you are walking in Mexico, dancing it up, or taking a stroll on the beach, I can guarantee that a trip to fab pony can accommodate your day. In pic one you can clearly see these great Bambi eyes in aqua are a great l00k for any outfit and if ur not into the aqua there is also 19 other big beautiful colors you can choose from…

Get The look.
1. Bambi eyes from fab pony
2. Samantha Striped tank in pink and white by fab pony
My Leather Shorts by Milk Motion
Skylar hair in black by fab pony
Danica Driving gloves in pine green
FeeshNetz Hose in Lime Soda
Flat Ankle Boot in black by *CoCo*

3. Mei hair in licorice by fab pony
Bambi Eye in Amazon
Danica Driving Gloves in Black by Fab Pony
Own The Night dress in Rose Wine by Fab Pony
Ruffle Ankle Boot in Red By *CoCo* (freebie)

4. Cora Hair in Brown by Alatiel (no longer Available)
Melodie Tank in Snow White by Fab Pony
Chloe Jeans in Pinky at Fab Pony
Basic Sneakers in White by ETD

5. Mei hair in Licorice by Fab Pony
Samantha Striped tank in White and Aqua
Danica Driving Gloves in Wild Cherry
Basic Denim Shorts by CoCo (gift)
FeeshNetz in Super hot Pink by Fab Pony

Milk Motion