Gettin’ Dark & Lavish with Lurani

By | May 19, 2018

Edgy, Sharp, and Futuristic are just a few words to describe this amazing dress Atropos created by Nyu Nyu Kimono for Lurani. This lavishly layered look comes with not only the dress but also a body suit with under layer options that allow for adding more dimensions to this already complete look, the dress attachment is embedded with beautiful hand stitched sheer flowers and is belted at the mid section to create a polished look that accentuates the waist line and enhanced the bust…

… Be sure to go to the Maritima Mall to be one of the first to own this look, it goes on sale this weekend!!!

The Hair I have paired with this Dark yet sophisticated look is the PUN448 by boon

The Shoes are the Sade Heels by SLink

Skin Imani By LAQ