I ♥ Originals!

By | May 11, 2018
I recently heard about the that just opened up to the public on Monday and had a chance to check it out. There is a very good collection of fabulous stores to be discovered there. The main reason why i went to this event is because it helps support awareness about content theft and recognizes some of the stores in SL that create original designs. I think it is important to remember how much time and effort each writer, designer, builder,etc.. puts into their work on a daily basis. It is great if you admire their work and want own their designs, or aspire to do work like they do. The line is drawn when you take it upon yourself to pass off their work as your own or copy their designs and sell it yourself. Theft is a crime, no matter how small and there is not one good reason or explanation for it. When is it okay to try and profit off of something that someone else worked so hard to create?
      A big THANK YOU to all of the creators and artists, and such out there that design one of a kind creations and do things 100% legal. You guys rock SL and make it that much more enjoyable. I have not been been in SL of such a long time, but the time I have spent, I have seen it grow by leaps and bounds. Along the way I have discovered many amazing writers, musicians, builders, designers who do good things and enhance SL for the better. I appreciate it 🙂
    Go visit the  while you still can and get more info about content theft and get ready to spend some lindens while shopping. The fair is running until Sunday Feb.14th! There are some very cool stores there and it was hard not to buy almost everything I saw LOL. My best friend/sister Kitari Bravin (left) and I decided to show off one of our purchases in the picture below.
* Kitari is wearing the “Lizzy Dress and Tights from Ibizarre.
* I am wearing the “Love Hoodie Tank in Red and Belmar Skinny Jeans in Dark Blue from the Sand Shack Surf Co. My hair is “Gloxinia II Darks Black from Calla.
* The items I mentioned can be found at the Check them out before it’s over!