Jewels of La Forgia…

By | May 8, 2018

La Forgia Jewels has released some great pieces that I was dying to show off! La Forgia’s jewels have great pieces that are well designed and have realistic textures. If you have not checked them out yet, you won’t be disappointed once you visit their store.

The Maya necklace and Luce Earrings can be worn with casual attire or formal wear. I love pieces that can be worn and used for different occasions. The Luce earrings are chandelier style earrings that would look cute with an updo or long hair. I chose to do an updo to see them clearer. The Maya necklace comes in two versions; Moonstone and Onyx which are shown above 🙂

The Arwen Chokers in Soft colors are a little more formal. It has a classic romantic feel to it that I just love. This choker would go great with a semi or formal dress. Perfect for dancing under the moonlit stars. They come in several colors with flexy and non flexy versions: Green, Orange, Pink, Red, and White.

The Arwen Choker in Passion Colors come in various bold colors that pop with color. Colors: Black, Orange, Pink, Red, and Purple (Also in flexy and non flexy versions).