A Rose Like No Other…

By | June 8, 2018

Today’s look is created from Fellini Couture, a brand that is recognized for high end clothing with amazing detail and even better quality. The outfit I am wearing is called “White Roses”. A perfect name for this creation of delicate sheer fabric adorned with numerous tiny white roses. When I first saw White Roses, I was struck by the impressive design. I had not seen anything
like it in SL yet. There is nothing conventional about this outfit, it is a unique design that will stand out among any other creation I think. A very feminine and elegant pants outfit that includes a bold white flower headpiece that adds even more attention. The detail is amazing and lifelike. You can tell that a lot of time and attention went into the making of this outfit. When I wore this, I felt like I was surrounded by a field of gorgeous fragrant white roses. This outfit
will surely entice you from the first moment you lay eyes on it. Check it and other fabulous creations at Fellini Couture.

HAIR: Emma (True Black) – PACADI JASHA
SKIN: Fiona Glow (Lotus) – Free Speerit
OUTFIT: White Roses – Fellini Couture