Shabby Chic

By | April 20, 2018

I went shopping in SL yesterday, just looking to see what I could find. I saw that Ibizarre had a new pair of shabby jeans that was just released. Once I saw them I knew I had to have a pair of my own. They have a very used and worn look with holes and patches on them. I like the detail that went into making these. You can even see the stitches where the patches are sown onto the jeans. It gives it a very realistic look. These jeans give new meaning to your favorite pair of old jeans. To compliment the look I got this cute short sleeve white and grey Viena Vita dress from Emery and the black half vest from Refuge. The necklace I am wearing from Purple Rose is one of my favorites because it is a choker attached to a long platinum chain, so it is like a two in one. I wanted to add a little splash a color, so I chose these adorable maroon arm warmers and red verve pumps from Maitreya.