Springing Forward…

By | December 27, 2018
When I think of Spring, I think of light scattering showers on a warm, yet breezy day…the sweet intoxicating fragrance of lilies and roses spreading their delicate petals and blooming for the first time. These are the moments that bring a smile to my face. Looking at spring fashions, I think of soft vibrant colors and patterns painted across yards of gorgeous delectable fabric. This brings an even bigger smile to my face. As Spring slowly approaches, the weather starts improving, and I get the chance to start a fresh, new wardrobe collection for the beginning of a new season. Of course, me being the shopaholic that I am, everyday is is a new chance to create a bigger and better wardrobe, LOL. Kunglers has release this amazing dress called “Sophia”. The detail on “Sophia” is so realistic, they look as if real flowers were pressed into the silky material. Check out “Sophia” for yourself at Kunglers, you will not be disappointed 🙂


Hair: I Hate Camera (Black Bean)
Skin: Fiona Glow (Frozen) 
Nail: Basic Dark Red Nails 
Necklace: Gloomy Flower Necklace
Dress: Sophia (Candy)
Purse: Camelia Pochette (White)
Shoes: Pump & Ankle Strap (Black Patent)