When Fairy Tales Come True…

By | December 16, 2018
Alien Bear’s Designs and My Precious have released The Fairy Princess & Sirvart Dark Jewelry set just in time for those last minute Halloween parties you get invited to.
Appropriately named, “Fairy Princess” took me back to the time where princesses waited eagerly for their handsome prince to come and take them away for an exciting adventure of mischief and romance. This dress will definitely give you a confidence boost. Delicate layers of soft fabric warp around me in a design that is to die for. It has the perfect combination of sexiness and elegant sophistication. All of your friends and even enemies alike will envy you in this unique creation. What makes this dress stand out even more is the Sirvart Dark necklace and earrings that were specially designed by Alien Gear just for this dress! A red rose with silver leaves and vines combine in a necklace that is the perfect combination with Fairy Princess. You get a double treat with a black spider and silver web that can be worn together with the love rose necklace. Silver leaf earrings with a dangling ruby jewel surround by tiny sparkly diamonds adds that extra touch of perfection. No tricks with these new releases, this is definitely a treat for all fashionistas out there. Enjoy and Happy Halloween 🙂