Effectively Using Parental Control Software

By | February 20, 2019

These days, the majority of parents have challenges as it relates to maintaining a grasp on the people and things that have influence over their tweens and teens. In generations parents compuyterpast, parents could monitor their children by simply listening in on their telephone conversations and this would either confirm or allay the concerns that the parent had for his or her child. Nowadays, the Internet has opened up a whole new world of influences and pretty much anyone, from anywhere in the world, can have profound influence over the young, impressionable minds of tweens and teens.

Today, parental control software provides with the ability to the online activities of their children. Using this software is not necessarily an indication of a lack of trust; however, parents can use it to look out for certain influences that they do not trust. The influences include:


Studies have shown that 25 percent of teens and tweens have been repeatedly bullied online and only 10 percent of the victims inform their parents about it.


Approximately 25 percent of teenagers have been exposed to sexually explicit online content and the average age of their initial exposure is 11 years old.


Roughly 20 percent of teenagers who regularly access the Internet have reported that they have gotten unwanted sexual solicitation.

Parental control software gives parents and guardians a window into the interactions, viewing habits and conversations of their teen or tween. A number of parents opt to monitor the activities of their offspring by recording and replaying their Internet actions, while there are others who simply use their email to keep abreast of the activities.

Whichever method is used, parents who use a software to monitor the online behavior of their child gain several benefits over the ones who do not monitor at all. The benefits include:

Peace of Mind

They will have the ability to know and be confident in the fact that your teen is simply being a teen while exploring the Internet.

See the Warning Signs

Being able to promptly see inappropriate web searches or conversations provides the opportunity to proactively deal with problems before they become serious.

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