Precast Concrete Hurricane Fence

By | February 20, 2019

Southern and Eastern states in the United States and numerous islands like the Bahamas and Jamaica are regularly threatened by hurricanes. The hurricane season can be severely destructive to businesses and homes, causing extensive damage in the locations affected by the powerful rains and winds associated with hurricanes. At their strongest, these hurricanes can produce torrential rains and powerful winds that blast more than 155 miles per hour. This could potentially result in a staggering amount of damage. Having precast concrete walls installed can decrease the amount of damage that the hurricane causes and add aesthetic appeal to the property.

Precast concrete hurricane fences have the reinforcement of thicker, stronger steel I-beam support that comply with the specifications of hurricane codes. The combination of concrete and steel fortifies the fencing and create the strength that stands up to in torrential rain and high winds that take place during hurricane season. Often, the hurricane aftermath leaves flooding and lots of debris behind. Vinyl and wood fences do not have enough strength to stand up to the effects of hurricanes. They are frequently damaged and provide very little protection. Precast concrete hurricane fences provide the best source of protection and peace of mind when making an investment in fencing, if you live in areas that are affected by hurricanes.

Deciding on a precast concrete hurricane fence is the best option for protection as well as for style and variety. The fences are accessible in a various styles and will complement any d?cor, no matter if the style is earthy, contemporary or traditional. Additionally, the concrete can be stained to further blend in with the environment. They are available in heights of eight, six and three feet.

Precast concrete hurricane fences can reduce the damage done to the property and they look great, which make it the best option for homeowners and business owners in locations that are prone to hurricanes.

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